More than 90 BIO HOTELS in 7 Countries
for your Eco-Friendly Holiday

What began as a dedicated project of a few eco-friendly hotel owners
is now the most successful special interest group dealing with the topic of organic holidays.

Get to know the diverse BIO HOTELS with their wide range of offers for your eco-friendly holiday in the most beautiful European holiday regions. For more than 15 years, the BIO HOTELS in Germany, AustriaItalySwitzerland, Slovenia, Greece and Spain have been tipped for success. Ecology, sustainable business and organic quality have won over many guests. The individually-run BIO HOTELS each have their own special character – from organic bed and breakfasts to 4-star organic wellness hotels.

Sports holidays, family holidays, singles holidays, romantic holidays and eco holidays in BIO HOTELS

Numerous holiday focuses ensure that you find the perfect BIO HOTEL in Europe which fulfils your holiday dreams: click through the BIO HOTELS offers and look forward to fulfilling green holidays with added ecological value. The selection of BIO HOTELS in countries such as Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland is sure to impress you.

BIO HOTELS: the highest organic standards and ehc seal of approval

Plan your sustainable ski holiday or hiking holiday that takes you up to alpine summits, or experience Europe’s rivers by bike. Enjoy romantic holidays for two in a secluded eco-friendly hotel in the mountains or spend a green holiday with plenty of culture in an interesting big city. No matter which land or holiday region you choose: all BIO HOTELS guarantee the highest organic standards and eco hotels certified certification.

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The BIO HOTELS Holiday Countries at a Glance


Have you always wanted to get to know Germany? After a tour from one BIO HOTEL to another, you will learn about the most beautiful parts of the country, from the southern Allgau region, the Bayrischer Wald in Bavaria and the Bodenseekreis district to the northern state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and city of Lunenburg.  More >


As the “founding country” of the BIO HOTELS, Austria looks forward to your visit! From gently rolling hills in Carinthia to the Mittelgebirge mountain range in Tyrol, green Steiermark into the fabled Waldviertel to the cultural highlights in the city of Salzburg: visitors and sustainability enthusiasts going to Austria will surely be rewarded.  More >


Discover northern Italy or South Tyrol. Southern flair, healthy nature, beautiful panoramic views and numerous castles and palaces promise fascinating, restful days.  More >


Switzerland, central Europe’s jewel, fascinates with its diversity. The Swiss BIO HOTELS promise natural easy-going holidays at the foot of three- and four-thousand metre-high mountains.  More >


Discover the land of a thousand possibilities: with the nearly 50km-long Adriatic coast with its picturesque Mediterranean cities, mysterious Stalactite caves, breathtaking waterfalls, powerful castles, palaces and Baroque cities such as Ljubljana and Maribor.  More >


Your eco holiday dream destination on the Mediterranean: discover Greece’s mainland and its many islands. Endless beaches, crystal-clear sea, impressive ancient art, cultural heritage and Greek hospitality.  More >


This is an eco holiday paradise full of variety on the Mediterranean. Be amazed by the charming villages and historic architectural monuments, an unforgettable combination of picturesque landscapes and the nearly 550km-long coasts of Mallorca. Fascinating nature with more than 1,500 plants and animals are waiting for you to discover them.  More >

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The BIO HOTELS take on various projects for the promotion of organic products
and sustainable tourism – colourful, creative, and simply delicious!