Health Core Focus

Health travel and well-being holidays in the BIO HOTELS  

In the green hotels featured in the BIO HOTELS health category, everything revolves around your health. In these qualified, diverse health hotels you will have the chance to once again improve your work-life balance, and bring your body, soul and mind back in line. In a short amount of time, the wide range of uncomplicated and individualised treatments and programmes help provide you with peace and serenity, more joy of life, and new perspectives.

Prevention and therapy in the BIO HOTELS health hotels

In these health hotels, experienced therapists, qualified naturopathic practitioners and knowledgeable doctors provide the best quality of medical wellness. Here, prevention, holistic therapy and health treatments go hand in hand – always tailored to your health needs, of course. Ayurveda, yoga, metabolic balance, APM and the Feldenkrais Method are on the programme, along with Hildegard-Medicine, Kinesiology and Tai-Chi. Diet and nutrition are also the focus at these health-focused eco-friendly hotels: from F.X. Mayr fasting cures and alkaline fasts to foods for vegetarian and alkaline diets with a seasonal, diet-appropriate focus.

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Supportive and healing: nature & health on your eco-friendly holiday

Nature is the basis of all wellness and health programmes in the BIO HOTELS. Water, warmth, clay and mud are preventative and healing – as are exercise outdoors, at the sea, in the mountains and in the beautifully diverse regions surrounding these health hotels. You can take many new ideas from your holiday in these health hotels – a manual, so to speak, for a healthier, happier and more relaxed life after your holiday! Discover the organic BIO HOTELS for your next health holiday and send us your non-binding enquiry today!

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The BIO HOTELS take on various projects for the promotion of organic products
and sustainable tourism – colourful, creative, and simply delicious!