Business Travel Core Focus

Eco-friendly business travel: the BIO HOTELS

Business travel and business trips require commitment, lots of energy and a high level of concentration. Good thing that the BIO HOTELS with a focus on business travel know what eco-friendly business travellers want. The eco-friendly focus of these BIO HOTELS encourages you to feel great and gives you new energy for the various activities in your work life: electrosmog-free rooms allow you to sleep deeply and peacefully and high-quality mattresses pamper your back, ready for the next day of your business travel. And in the spas and gyms of the organic BIO HOTELS, you can cycle your mind free and will find peace and relaxation after a long day of work.

Proficient and service-oriented:
BIO HOTELS for your eco-friendly business trips 

Do you only need to stay one night? No problem: in the BIO HOTELS for business travellers, short stays are welcome, of course without any extra fees. From 7:00 am, the staff at these eco-friendly business hotels pamper you during your business trip with a top-quality breakfast that is sure to give you plenty of energy for the day. Treat yourself to a break: end your workday at the hotel bar and enjoy the peaceful after-work atmosphere with a glass of organic wine or other creative and delicious organic drink.

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Quiet yet in the middle of it all: BIO HOTELS for your business travel 

The BIO HOTELS for eco-friendly business travellers and trade fair guests are located in both cities and rural locations. Enjoy staying in the city centre or away from the hustle and bustle yet near your next appointment. With free and easy internet access you will be connected to the rest of the world whenever you like. How about extending your business trip to treat yourself? Enjoy a few days of holiday in the BIO HOTELS and recharge your batteries for your next business trip! Find the eco-friendly BIO HOTEL closest to where you need to go and send us your non-binding booking enquiry online today! 

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The BIO HOTELS take on various projects for the promotion of organic products
and sustainable tourism – colourful, creative, and simply delicious!